Cryptonex – A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptonex is an exchange platform with its own blockchain system. But it has limited options: only facilitates Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its base cryptocurrency that is denoted as CNX.

The platforms allows you to buy BTC, ETH, and CNX using various fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, and Russian Ruble. Plus, you can use Visa or MasterCard to make purchases on the platform, though using a credit/debit card attracts higher fees.

However, it has a P2P exchange system, where the Cryptonex platform acts as guarantor. And the buy/sell transactions will happen with the individuals. These buy/sell transactions can happen online or offline. In case of offline, the individual who placed the ad for buy/sell will chose a place to make the transaction.

The maximum total supply of CNX is 210 million tokens. And the circulating supply is 45,412,345 tokens.

Cryptonex blockchain uses proof of stake consensus using the scrypt algorithm. The average block time is 60 seconds. And it promises a maximum of 15,000 transactions per second.

CNX Wallets

The official site features wallets for Linux, MacOs, and Windows platforms.

How to get CNX?

The simplest way is: download the Cryptonex wallet and deposit ETH, BTC, or fiat. And place an order.

If you already have some CNX, staking them for mining is a good option. The platform promises a return of 12% per annum without making any extra efforts but by just staking some CNX. So, the more the CNX tokens you hold, the higher the rewards you can get.

And that process is called as Cloud Mining. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that your wallet client is always connected to the network.

With that, if your wallet client confirms any transactions received, then you will also get the fee associated with the transaction. And these staking/mining rewards are deposited daily.

Moreover, CNX is also traded in other cryptocurrency exchanges like YoBit and HitBTC.

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